Apologies ….

Hi Everyone

I am sorry for lack of posts recently it’s just that I have been so busy past couple of weeks.

2 weeks ago my Goddaughter and her husband surprised me with a lovely day out which resulted in going to their 3D /4D baby scan of their 2nd baby, lunch and then went to London to watch Tennis. Had a brilliant day out and seeing their Little One on a scan was unreal and even more excited to meet the Little One.

It’s so amazing what they can see now with a scan and makes you wonder what they can in the future.

Last weekend I went out with a friend Christmas shopping. Was a lovely day out but came back bit empty handed, which was expected as I already have most presents. Just struggling to get parents theirs, I mean what do you get parents who simply just say ” a card will do ” ? and have all what they want ??

Next Monday me and my mum are off on our annual concert to see our fab boys The Overtones. No doubt I will be aching the next day as they do put on a brilliant show and you are up on your feet soon as they appear on stage until you go home.

So today i have nothing to do so quite looking forward to a day of relaxing and crafting … Yay ! and trying out my new fab dies…. To be honest I got a bit fed up with a company who sells these so i made mental note not to buy from them again. Anyway enough of that.

To my friend across the pond I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Also hope everyone is remaining calm with Christmas season upon us and not running about like a headless chicken.

Before I forget.. Thankyou to Jessica for your kind words I do appreciate them 🙂

Have a lovely weekend whatever you are doing 🙂


Andy Murray – King of Queens


Can I just say ……before anyone slates Andy Murray they do well to remember what he has achieved as a BRITISH player and it will  be a long time until it happens again.
 To be honest I really cannot see another good British player of Andy’s quality  for a long time. I know we have up and coming players i.e Aljaz Bedene,  Kyle Edmond, Dan Evans, James Ward, Liam Broady, But the question is “will they be as good as Andy ?”… Who knows, but  I hope we do get another british tennis player
Andy has achieved so much for British Tennis and won a heck of a lot more than Tim Henman, Greg Rusedski, and others
I WON’T EVEN credit Andrew Castle or Barry Cowan – their stats may only consist of a few sentances
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