Christmas Cards Completed

Am so pleased with myself. As a  still relatively newbie to crafting / card making I think I have come along away. What started off as a simple reindeer stamp card I have slowly gotten better, Yes I still have alot of room for improvement but for me this is a great milestone.

I am so pleased with how I have finished the last few cards for family members. I will admit I know there is a slight mistake with the Nutcracker card but overall I am besides myself, just glad I got them all made as now begins the hectic month of Decemeber for me.

I also made some tags for Snowman Soup which i will be making very soon.

What do you think ? Have I come along way ?

As always any feedback greatly welcomed 🙂


Supplies :- Sweet Dixie Dies, CBS – Banner Die, Distress Inks


Craft Room ???

I am not lucky enough to have a spare room to create a craft room so I have to make do with a big table which starts off neat and tidy and end of crafting looks a mess or as I called organised chaos.

Anyone else have this exact problem ?


But I did however create 2 tags for my dinosaur mad godson to go on his biscuit jar and treat jar. Seeing as he cannot have wheat or gluten I decided to hide the regular biscuit jar out of his sight as did not want to upset him and put in its place is his 2 jars.

I know these are not brilliant but at least my godson will love them.


An lastly I am pleased to say my image for Baby Girl  card is coming on brilliantly ! I know I am shocked it is working out well. Now just for my new super duper cardstock & top scorer board to arrive,then decide what backing paper to use I will  finished – Wahey !

Testing Rubber Trick

So like a few other or maybe alot of people, i have had the dreaded result of when stamping the image is not being solid.

Thanks to Paperpuff (check her blog out its fab), she mentioned the rubber / eraser trick.

I rubbed firmly, stamped, wiped repeated process quite a few times then on last attempt just wiped stamp and left to dry and re inked.

I decided to give it a go and as you can see after a few attempts the image is getting better.Will see if it improves more when my stamping mat arrives, fingers crossed

Have no idea what the bear is doing there  probably decided to have a nosey or say hello lol