Wish Jars

I came across these Wish Jars when someone I follow on twitter posted they had one for a Baby Shower

How different are these ? I love them as can be for any occasion – Baby Shower, Wedding, Christening …
BUT have you seen how much these sell for  £15 – £20 !
I am pretty sure these can be made much cheaper, after all, all you need need is a jar, possibly from £1 shop or even a empty candle jar ( yankee candle may work well ) , some ribbon and make the label  ( for jar lid ) and tickets yourself and print….Voila.. a home made Wish Jar at a fraction of the cost
Well I am going to have a go at this as already have a template ready to print 🙂
The image below is not my handy work but gives you an idea how simple they are to make