Busy Month …

Well since my last post I have been non stop ! Anyone else feel like December is just one crazy manic month ?

I decided to try some digi stamps, part of me felt it was cheating but on other hand I felt it was a massive help. I love all things Elf’s at Christmas and nowhere where I live sell’s Elf tags so I decided to make my own. I will be honest and admit I felt pretty good with myself as I don’t have any fancy photo editing suite, yet i made tags combining 2 images into one !

Monday saw my annual concert to see The Overtones, yet again another fab concert albeit one member was missing, but given fact he has personal health reasons which are 100% priority I totally understand and look forward to seeing the 5 boys next year.

I also had a couple of days out with my Goddaughter and Godson which I always enjoy and cherish. That afternoon both my godson and I did some baking and made cookies.

In between all this I had a couple of Toddler parties to take my godson too which were great and rounded one party off by visiting local garden center to see Reindeers !

I have somehow managed to fit in my last bit of Christmas Shopping …. Phew ! Now for the task of wrapping them off for Santa to deliver.

But it’s not all over yet ….. another week another mad one, by time Christmas Eve comes i will probably be flaked out from exhaustion

Here is a snippet of what I have been doing



Millie’s Cookies

I first made these at Christmas time and pretty much been making these at least once a month since, thanks to family members always asking me for these.

I have never had a Millies Cookie before but was very surprised when i was told mine were better than the shop ones !

So many variations can be used for these but batches of  choc chip  & smarties  ( not together ) seem to be very popular in my house.

Recipe is so simple and i did find i had to cook then for 20 minutes not 7- 10 as stated in recipe and i make way more than 17 each time.

Give them a go !

Recipe :- Millie’s Cookies Recipe