Mini Cupcakes

I absolutely love making these in fact I get asked asked so many times to make these more than regular size cupcakes.

So easy to make and have made these for Christenings & Charity Events.

I followed the  recipe  ingredients as if i am making regular size cupcakes, then used mini baking cases or mini muffin cases and Wilton 24 Cup Mini  Muffin Tray

These one’s I made for a local hair salon charity event. ( Raising awareness for Macmillan Cancer Support )

More of what i have made can be found via my Facebook Page




Rainbow Cake

I have never been brave enough to make this but doesn’t it look delicious ?

Even the colours look vibrant.

I always struggle with colours when baking so tend not to try anything adventurous like this.

In the past i have used food colours ( in the little bottles ) and food gels ( mainly Dr.Oetker ) but turned out to be a failure. Is it worth using food colour paste ? Have never used paste before but if it gives this lovely colour than i will definitely give it a go

Any suggestions greatly appreciated – Thankyou



Recipe can be found here :-Rainbow Cake


Cake Pops


Cake Pops
Although these look really nice I am finding these are beginning to be a real pain in the backside to make.
I have successfully made these in the pass so when I was asked to make 30 for a baby shower I had no hesitation and was happy to do so.
So I set about making the cake mix, put them into a cake pop mould , baked and cooled down.
So far so good….
I then put the sticks into melted candy melts and inserted into cake pops and popped them into fridge for couple of hours to set
again so far so good …..
Next step was to melt candy melts and cover the cake pops and this is when disaster happened … a few went really well and then some suddenly started to fall off and were ruined. I successfully managed to get 30 cake pops down but had to bin about 20 !
Never again will I make these !