Christmas Countdown

Ooops my first christmas post – apologies

I know, I know its only June but Christmas will soon be upon us and people probably saying ” it’s ages away yet ” or  ” it’s way to early to be thinking about christmas ”

But i am nearly done for christmas. Family & friends use to laugh at me when i say ” i am almost done ” but it’s true I am almost done.

The trick for me i found was to get the bargains early  ( all year round & have an idea what you want to buy ) and store them away ( if you have the space ) and another fab trick is that i have a Cath Kidson christmas organiser so i can jot down all presents ( and for whom ) and where i have stored them as i often forget. The most valuable trick for me is by being on bargain sites on social media i.e Facebook ( if anyone wants to know what the page is by all means drop me a message )

Honestly the amount i save doing it this way is unreal. As my previous post V Tech Toot Toot Bargain showed how much i saved. Recently i got some The Good Dinosaur bargains in Disney sale, now i totaled it all up and should of cost me £98 but i paid £33. Yes i know some folks are saying ” well you need the money to get the bargains ” this is true and i appreciate them thinking this, but i no means have an endless pit of money – far from it trust me.

I explained to god daughter the reason i do it early and surprise she has now started to buy for christmas as she said ” i now get why you do it and the money you save is unreal ” Yes i save money but money saved is usually spent on more presents – oops

I am not bragging about being almost done for christmas but  just letting you know the bargains are out there 🙂

Happy bargain hunting 🙂