Cupcake Bouquet

I have been challenged to make this Cupcake Bouquet

It looks easy, well making the cupcakes is for me BUT however whether I can get the cakes on stay on the polystyrene ball is another matter !

And just to top it off my God Daughter kindly said ” If this comes out fine you will be making lots for christening ” ! Funny how I did not laugh at her comment lol.

Anyway I think this makes a wonderful … wonderful ?! since when do I use that word ! But yes it makes a wonderful Birthday, Mother’s Day, Christening etc floral / cake display and present.

If mine is successful I will post a photo as making one for Mother’s Day

Go on give it a go !


Alternative Vase

Remember my previous blog post Wish Jars where i mentioned using an old candle jar ?

I just remembered that they have other uses !

I was given some flowers a while ago and did not have a spare vase, but what i did have was an empty candle jar –  can we say the make of it ? Am sure you pretty much know what candle company i am on about anyway ………Ta-dah a perfect vase and also recycling