Christmas Cards

Was really struggling with what cards to make this year. Soon as I had an idea, another one popped into my head. Needless to say I never went with any of my ideas as came across these lovely images on Pinterest.

I did add some glitter to the jingle bells and stars on hat but unfortunately the camera did not pick it up


Happy Anniversary, New Baby and Wine

Finally got round to making 3 cards today 🙂

Happy Anniversary, New Baby and Birthday Cards


Really love the sparkle effect on Baby and Wine cards which I dont think shows up on this post sadly. I will admit the Anniversary card I did was inspired by a card I saw on Pinterest which I thought was lovely, so all credit goes to the person who did that card.

Hopefully the recipients will like them.



Mud Kitchen

WOW I have just realised it’s been almost 2 months since I last posted ! How time flies when you are busy.

So, I always wanted a Mud Kitchen for my god kids to play with so imagine my surprise when one arrived unexpectedly, I was so happy. Now I will admit having looked at them for a while I knew exactly how I wanted mine to be and so began the DIY project.

This is what I received which is fab and very gratefully received…..


So after a few weekends of DIY this is final result


I was so happy with final result and kids love it !