Mint, Silver and Pink Christening Card

Just completed another Christening Card for my soon to be gorgeous goddaughter.

I was having a “spring clean ” and found some card, envelopes and pearl paper ! I had an image in mind as alot of you know me, they do not always materialise. But having said this I am so glad this card came out lovely.

Hopefully you can view this as a fellow blogger has informed me my link does not work. I have not deleted this blog so am baffled as to what has happened. If anyone has any tips please let me know – Thankyou



7 thoughts on “Mint, Silver and Pink Christening Card

  1. PaperPuff says:

    Hi, I found you through Google. I think the problem is that the site address you are using to comment is different to TCBG? But that is all I can tell you I am afraid as I am a technical numpty! The card is very cute. Love the name in the balloons!


    • thecraftingbakinggodmum says:

      Am totally baffled as my end shows all TCGB very complicated will see if i can fix it. Thankyou thought i would add a personal touch to the card 🙂

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