Craft Room ???

I am not lucky enough to have a spare room to create a craft room so I have to make do with a big table which starts off neat and tidy and end of crafting looks a mess or as I called organised chaos.

Anyone else have this exact problem ?


But I did however create 2 tags for my dinosaur mad godson to go on his biscuit jar and treat jar. Seeing as he cannot have wheat or gluten I decided to hide the regular biscuit jar out of his sight as did not want to upset him and put in its place is his 2 jars.

I know these are not brilliant but at least my godson will love them.


An lastly I am pleased to say my image for Baby Girl  card is coming on brilliantly ! I know I am shocked it is working out well. Now just for my new super duper cardstock & top scorer board to arrive,then decide what backing paper to use I will  finished – Wahey !


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