Baby Girl

I am planning to make a New Baby Girl card ( well baby would not be old would she lol ) so I decided to print off some paper from Tattered Lace website and now I am stuck at which one to use.

I have an image in my head which I scribbled down on note paper but as usual it will either not match my image in my head which is what happens often.

The idea I have is to use a printed sheet as backing, make 8 little tags which will spell out Baby Girl, then my brain started to kick in ( not sure if good thing or not ) and I came up with another 2 ideas…Spell out Baby Girl in squares to try and resemble building blocks OR easy option just make 2 simple tags with Congratulations on one and Baby Girl on another, which is easiest option for me but not as challenging and I feel i need to push myself more and to use one of the bottom three and stamps words ie Precious, Little One, Baby Girl, Tons of Hugs, Welcome etc in pinkish colours ( like a word cloud )

Are you getting my image ??

Well I am now undecided on what backing paper to use, so I guess trim them all and see what looks best and hopefully my idea will work. I did have a beautiful pram image but then my printer decided to print it in  various other colours, not what the image I was looking at on screen. Odd as cartridge was full and I clicked best for printing options…So thats another job for Monday to see if I can get it printed correctly.




3 thoughts on “Baby Girl

    • thecraftingbakinggodmum says:

      Thankyou 🙂 Papers all free to download even better lol. Just waiting on new card i ordered and top score board then hopefully next week i can begin

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