Crafting Mental Block

So you decide to make a card and hit a mental block (to which I blame my age) or the image you have in your head never turns out like the  finished product and you feel deflated.

I have wasted so many cards as went belly up (to be polite) so now I have learnt, took me a while I know, to grab plain paper and whack up a design and if it looks half decent then I can copy it to card

Anyway  what do you all do ? Do you Google your stamp set for ideas or take a look on Pinterest and grab ideas there ? Look for inspiration on blogs you follow ?

So many great boards to follow on Pinterest ( CBS ) is my favourite one as have ideas for every stamp set plus helps as I have a lot of their stamp sets

But is looking for ideas a great way as not sure about you but I come across cards that I do not have stamps for and I want and then my bank balance takes a hit !

I must be more positive and think NO I do NOT need the set but easier said than done I guess….


6 thoughts on “Crafting Mental Block

  1. PaperPuff says:

    Oh I always need something new! Even as I am opening one package I am thinking what to get next! Also, I lack inspiration ALL the time. I do use Pinterest, and sometimes just looking at sketches is helpful, as they are not product specific. Otherwise I just moan and sulk until inspiration hits. Not exactly an adult response!

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  2. I like your ideas best. Especially the gift tags. That is something we can really do. My kiddo and I could sit down and make several in a short amount of time.

    Every year we make Christmas gifts for a nursing home. These tag ideas will help me tag those gifts! 🙂

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