Docrafts Stamp Storage

So i received my  Creativity Essentials Stamp Storage Folder and wondered how the heck do the stamps still. So contacted Docrafts and was told “With regards to the stamps, if you pop them in the wallets on the included piece of acetate that they’re stuck to in the packaging this will help to keep them in place ”

Well i never had any pieces of acetate so am unable to stick them, which now leaves me with a folder and wallets with stamps falling down.

So again googled for a solution as must be one somewhere ( whilst waiting for Docrafts reply ) and saw laminated sheets ! How easy and cheap option is this ?

All i need to do is stamp the images onto a piece of paper – laminate it – stick clear stamps on ! Job done.

So rather than waste my wallets for folder this is another “to-do” job added to my list and for any newbie like myself i welcome any tips and alternative ways rather than splash out lots of money if can be avoided.




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