Sunday Stamping

Well thought I would give my new stamps a go today and managed to create 3 cards. I know I still need tons of practice to get them 100% perfect but as they say ” practice makes perfect ” and I know I will get there eventually.

I find crafting / stamping a good way of relaxing for me.

Anyway here are some on my  “samples” i did today. Only problem I have is that I wish I kept a note of what coloured inks I used. Oh well just means another weekend of playing around with them not that I mind.

The stamps are all from Clearly Besotted and I  have not used all my new ones yet

So here is 1st one – Dashing Through The Snow ( yes I know I messed up with white reindeer in background . nose and belly not aligned but i added black outline afterwards and not lined up correctly )



2nd one – Precious Little One


3rd – Welcome New Baby ( need to change colours i think )






Clearly Besotted

It is clear that i am besotted with this site Clearly Besotted !

I did not know the site existed until a fellow member of a group on Facebook mentioned them. WOW they are really good value, great price and even p&p is fab, not to mention the brilliant Customer Service and fast delivery.

When i said price they have Stamps & Dies ranging from 35p ( clearance section )  to approx £9.00 for full set of stamps & anything upto £19 for Full set of Dies

It is so nice to have a site that sells lovely stamps at affordable prices and not have to scour internet and pay the huge price from USA (  don’t get me wrong I am not knocking anyone one from USA just the price for p&p & tax  )

This is what i have purchased so far – aren’t they gorgeous ?



Stencil DIY

Before i begin please can i say that finish card is only a mock and quickly done ( also not stuck down ) as i do take my time when crafting but wanted to see if my theory would work …..

After seeing so many gorgeous cards being made with MTF Circle Burst I decided to track this down to order one.  This proved unsuccessful as the postage was so expensive to be shipped to England from MTF Stamps plus nowhere here seems to sell these ( looked on Ebay, Amazon, Hobbycraft, Google etc )

So my last resort was to purchase a Polka Dot stencil and see if I could adapt it whilst awaiting for shipping from Hong Kong ( yes again item  unavailable here but cheaper from HK but a bit of a wait ) In mean time I did find mini stencils which were cute from Creative Expressions via ebay



I then got a 6×6 & 8×8 blank card and drew circle in middle, Cut this out and hey presto on my way to creating a circle burst card.


So next stage was to place stencil on card ( attach tape to stop it moving which i will do when i do this properly with more time and no rushing ) then place my Circle cut out over top


Then applied some Distress Ink – I used Mermaid Lagoon
This was my finished ROUGH design whilst awaiting a slightly larger ( and easier ) polka dot / circle stencil which i hope will be easier than the mini one


The things we have to go through here in England when we have limited resources and that is why I am so envious off all you stampers / crafters overseas as you have such lovely products and much much more choice but keep up the fab work as love looking at them all

Mini Cupcakes

I absolutely love making these in fact I get asked asked so many times to make these more than regular size cupcakes.

So easy to make and have made these for Christenings & Charity Events.

I followed the  recipe  ingredients as if i am making regular size cupcakes, then used mini baking cases or mini muffin cases and Wilton 24 Cup Mini  Muffin Tray

These one’s I made for a local hair salon charity event. ( Raising awareness for Macmillan Cancer Support )

More of what i have made can be found via my Facebook Page



Zutter Cling & Clear

As you know I have got the Docrafts Crativity Essentials Stamp Storage Folder and I have to be very honest here, I do find it bit useless. My problem explained as nowhere to stick my single stamps onto, as they just fall down to bottom of pockets / wallets.

Yes I know I posted about making own laminated sheets, however I am not sure if I have time ( as so busy )
Am also still awaiting an answer from them and have given up if honest. ( not great CS if honest )

So in meantime I came across this nifty idea :- Zutter Cling & Clear Stamp Storage – How handy is this and so perfect as can stick stamps onto both sides ! Problem solved – YAY
Can be found here :- Craft Obsessions

Has anyone got this if so what so you think ? Is it very practical or one of the best solutions to stamp storage ?
Would love any feedback


Docrafts Stamp Storage

So i received my  Creativity Essentials Stamp Storage Folder and wondered how the heck do the stamps still. So contacted Docrafts and was told “With regards to the stamps, if you pop them in the wallets on the included piece of acetate that they’re stuck to in the packaging this will help to keep them in place ”

Well i never had any pieces of acetate so am unable to stick them, which now leaves me with a folder and wallets with stamps falling down.

So again googled for a solution as must be one somewhere ( whilst waiting for Docrafts reply ) and saw laminated sheets ! How easy and cheap option is this ?

All i need to do is stamp the images onto a piece of paper – laminate it – stick clear stamps on ! Job done.

So rather than waste my wallets for folder this is another “to-do” job added to my list and for any newbie like myself i welcome any tips and alternative ways rather than splash out lots of money if can be avoided.