Family Print

I have been looking for some Family Personalised Prints and came across so many on Ebay which were mainly Welly Boots, which are all nice don’t get wrong and I even bought one for a good friend.

However thanks to Google I came across a free, yes FREE set of gorgeous Coat Hangers Watercolour set which were simply gorgeous and I had to grab them. So after a bit of tweaking I then made 2 Family Personalised Prints for a fraction of the cost they sell for on Ebay. All it cost me was price of an A4 Frame which are cheap enough if you look around.

I Hope the recipients like them as they are a christmas present. Have to love handmade gifts as I think they are more personal.

Here is a snippet of the coat hanger picture I made. The freebie came with lots of other coat hangers in various sizes and colours

Who said Family Prints had to be Welly Boots ?



Art Deco / Vintage Christmas Cards

Had a request to make an Art Deco Christmas Card, I was so taken with the outcome that I went on to make further art deco / vintage cards.

I was really pleased with how they all came out and hopefully all family members will like them

Happy Anniversary, New Baby and Wine

Finally got round to making 3 cards today 🙂

Happy Anniversary, New Baby and Birthday Cards


Really love the sparkle effect on Baby and Wine cards which I dont think shows up on this post sadly. I will admit the Anniversary card I did was inspired by a card I saw on Pinterest which I thought was lovely, so all credit goes to the person who did that card.

Hopefully the recipients will like them.



Mud Kitchen

WOW I have just realised it’s been almost 2 months since I last posted ! How time flies when you are busy.

So, I always wanted a Mud Kitchen for my god kids to play with so imagine my surprise when one arrived unexpectedly, I was so happy. Now I will admit having looked at them for a while I knew exactly how I wanted mine to be and so began the DIY project.

This is what I received which is fab and very gratefully received…..


So after a few weekends of DIY this is final result


I was so happy with final result and kids love it !